Friday, 10 May 2013

The First

Well, actually I think I've started this about 20 times so maybe this will be the first one that I say "publish" to!
Yes, it's a blog! It's my blog because I love reading other peoples and have learnt so much from them and want somewhere that I can blather on about what I love doing.
It's called Susy's Needle because my daughter was very insistent about it, she's 7 so I do exactly as she says.

I've made things for years like these:
Birthday Badges 
Valentines DayBrooch

Covered Notebooks
And then about 18 months ago I bought some fabric to make my daughters some birthday gifts...

A cushion for Matilda who loves numbers
A rainbow striped quilt for Violet
 ...and so began my quilting obsession!! I've made 5 baby quilts this year, several more cushions and a variety of bags, laptop cases and so on. Once I've got this blogging thing sussed I'll add a gallery or something but I've got some things on Flickr so pop over and link to me there.

What fun! 
Right, time for some sewing I think - maybe I'll pop some pictures up of what I've done today. Please say 'Hi' if you've got this far!
Susy x


  1. Well hello Miss Susy! Looking forward to seeing your lovely makes x

  2. Fabulous! Look forward to more post x