Friday, 4 October 2013

An EPP update - WIP

SO.... way back in June I showed a couple of pics of a little starflower block that I was making.

I did a little bit more over the summer, but revisited it properly about 2 weeks ago, added some more on and now it looks like this - all ready to be stitched onto a backing, then quilted and made into a gorgeous cushion.

Way back in July I went to the Fat Quarter Retreat in London. Fab time. Should have been a blog review but probably a bit late now...
One of the classes I did was an EPP class with Katy from I'maGingerMonkey. We only had about an hour and a half to start the pattern and most of it came home with me to sit quietly in the neglected projects box. But after finishing my Starflowers I had a bit of an urge to do more, so out came Triangle City and a few days later I have this:

It doesn't quite meet up at all the points. I had to unpick loads where I'd printed the templates out at only 90% of actual size (doh!), and it was tricky in places to piece, but I do really like it and I'm looking forward to it becoming a cushion too!

Both now much less of a WIP than they were but still those next stages to do.


  1. I love your star flower blocks - that is going to be a fantastic cushion!

  2. Hi Susy,
    I got a link to your Instagram (which I've clicked to follow) from following Mary Emmens, and I wish you were still posting to this blog! Your quilts are great and fascinating.
    Thanks, Jo