Friday, 4 October 2013

Mind the ........ gap!

It's official I am a terrible blogger!!
Luckily though a blog can live without food or water! But I guess it would benefit from a little nurturing.

Time is such a precious commodity, packed full of work and family things and I do try and sew in my spare time, which I'm trying to grab a bit more of!

So here are a few pics of some quilty finishes from the last few months
Two quilts finished for Siblings Together (that's a blog post in itself - I'll do it)
Scrappy trip finish
Low volume quilt
Really pleased to have finished all these quilts! The low volume was a lovely summer project, with no work and the kids off at summer clubs I raided the stash, cut oodles of strips and then chain pieced away to my hearts content - I had the quilt top finished in 2 days, with excess for a couple of cushions and loads of additional strips for future projects.
The pattern was inspired by the Sunday Morning quilt in Sunday Morning Quilts - which is a lovely book. Low Volume Itch scratched!

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